#Filipinos more interested in finding blame than on solving problems

It seems Filipinos are not really interested in solving problems. They are more interested in finding someone to blame. It's likely because blaming someone gives the illusion of moral high ground, and it feels like solving the problem when it really worsens it.

In this case, for why the Philippines is so backward and dysfunctional, it is popular to blame Marcos. But that's actually the wrong answer. Blaming-addicted Filipinos fail to understand that the true reason behind the country's dysfunctions is the very attitude of Filipinos themselves. Indeed, a significant cause is their very culture, composed of their beliefs vis-a-vis their actions. The laziness, the "me-first" attitude, the parochiality, the victim mentality, the arrogance through "Pinoy Pride," and more. These are all part of what led to Marcos's regime after all.

But when faced with the obvious solution, Filipinos refuse to do it. They refuse to admit their own faults and take responsibility to do the proper action. Because it is easier to pass the buck and avoid responsibility and accountability. They don't want to do anything! They want someone else to do it! They still wait for the Messiah who will spoil them rotten. But that will never come, since they are spoiled rotten anyway.

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