President Miriam Defensor-Santiago could save the #Philippines!

The Philippines today is like a very poor version of late 19th century to early 20th century USA (minus the military power of course), complete with underpaid workers (factory workers in USA then, farmers in the Philippines now).

What helped change USA at that time was a guy named Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt in my opinion is the best US president since Lincoln, since he regulated the really powerful big businesses at that time, and helped in preserving natural parks. Not only that, but during his political career, he fought against corruption even if it involved his own party, the Republican Party.

From what I have read and watched, Teddy Roosevelt has a fiery personality, believed that he had a responsibility to his people, and acted upon it. He was also a determined man for he was a weak child and did what he can to strengthen himself.

What was the point in knowing all that? My point is that as many have already said "Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it", does not mean only looking at our own history but we should also look at the history of the world around us. I don't want the Philippines to become worse than it already is.

While I don't believe any person can be Teddy Roosevelt, out of all the candidates running for president, Miriam Santiago is the only one we have that is closely similar to him. She possess the same fiery personality and the bluntness that this country and its people need. Even in her absences because of her sickness, she was the one who had the most bills and resolutions filed.

I do hope that she retains those attributes if she becomes President, and if her health permits it, still remain as confrontational as ever.

As regards her health, well my opinion in this matter is that, I'd rather have a short but productive Presidency by Miriam than long but mediocre Presidency by the other candidates. And more importantly, since she has nothing to lose, I believe that she would do her job well.

As for us ordinary Filipinos, we can help change this country by being more disciplined. If Teddy Roosevelt managed to overcome being a weak child, we should also be able to change ourselves for the better.

The are many books and videos that fully detail Teddy Roosevelt's life. I suggest that when you have spare time, to see it and hopefully be inspired by him. And as for the bills filed by Miriam Santiago, it can easily be found online.

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