Is the US lobbying the international community to pressure #Philippines' passage of the #Bangsamoro Basic Law?

Guys, please take a look at this link >>> Declare these ambassadors personae non-grata, October 16, 2015 Manila Times >>

Ambassadors of 18 countries signed a petition pushing for the passage of BBL. Imagine that. Sonamagan.

Now, what are we going to do? Let's see, either PNoy organized this petition to pressure Congress and the public, or it was the US.

We all know that the BBL idea came from the US. It started at the time of Amb Kristie Kenney, who shuttled back and forth between ARMM and Manila until they got the MOA-AD done. GMA signed it, but Supreme Court threw it out as unconstitutional. Immediately, GMA distanced herself away from the project, and we thought it was dead in the water.

PNoy comes along and, most likely under the pressure of US, resurrects the idea, but this time under a different guise, so they call it BBL, and the US Ambassador stays in the background; Kenney's high profile effort being burned earlier.

Most thinking Filipino have already seen that BBL will eventually result in the Philippines being split into two countries, the same as the two-nation solution being pushed to solve the Palestinian problem in Israel. We don't want that kind of solution to our own Muslim problem.

So, why would US do this to us, an ally? Let us pretend we are DC, and guess what benefit could US derive from such move.

1. Philippine is our historical ally, but it is weak. When push turns to shove, it is very dangerous, quite fatal, to depend on a weak partner. US could lose its advantage on two vital issues: (1) the sea lane in the South China Sea, and (2) participation in the exploration and eventual drilling of the oil reserve near Palawan.

2. Philippine government is too corrupt, and we have already spent too much in fine dining, and yet they keep on questioning VFA every time they want expensive dinners. They could strengthen themselves by moving towards federalism, but they have been dragging their feet.

3. They now have the most stupid President, so we better make sure BBL is passed by December when everybody is caught up in the election fever and Christmas, and nobody will pay attention if BBL is put in a Shinkansen in Congress.

4. With BBL, we suddenly have two historical allies. If one is weak, there is the possibility the other could be strong. We could pit them together in a competition whenever necessary. Since they have smaller constituents to manage, maybe they could finally get their acts together and both could be strong. In any event, divide and conquer always works. Instead of continually questioning VFA, they will now compete with each other on who gets a VFA.

5. If all above doesn't work, then we scratch them off; firm up our partnership with China with zero participation for Philippines, and feed them more Aldub and daradubdub.

So, let me just pursue some more what I already said in my reply to Jim above.

1. MidwayHaven's last article is very timely:

We need a constitutional change like yesterday. The next president will have to move on this like the next day after he takes his oath. We have to move Federalism in a Shinkansen.

2. If above ideas are coming from the Democratic Party, then by golly, we better have as many allies as we can with the Republican Party in order to oppose such ideas. Or, vice-versa. We have to be invested in our lobbying efforts in DC so that they see our interests our way, not their way.

3. Let us not fool around with this coming election. There are so much things going on that need strong and thinking leadership. Gosh, we have lost a lot of ground with the present incompetence who does nothing but window dress economic figures. We are in a precarious bubble economy which I think they will allow to collapse if the next administration is unfriendly. Problem is if next admin is also about Daan Tuwad, the more we are dead ducks.

4. Foreign Affairs is vital. Candidates will have to already name their intended appointee to the DFA Secretary even while campaigning. Presidential debate must topics: (1) West Philippine Sea, (2) their philosophy about education, (3) unemployment and agriculture (4) how to make Philippines a technological hub AGAIN, and (5) Lumad, Muslim, and mining policies — these 3 are interconnected, can be one topic. (the guy who says he could convert Sulu, Basilan, and Zamboanga into a Free Trade Zone without need of BBL, with aims of competing with Labuan, if not Hong Kong, gets my vote immediately. Best way of stopping the splitting of the country into two.)

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  1. Better end our alliance with the United States and instead forge an alliance with Russia.

    Russia as a nation will defend Christianity and they will help the Philippines end muslim insurgency in Mindanao.


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