Filipinos need to delete the world 'sacrifice' from their vocabulary

There is no such thing as sacrifice. One of the common phrase I hear Filipino parents tell their children to make them feel guilty is, "Lahat ng sakripisyo ay ginagawa na namin para sainyo; ngayon ito ang isusukli ninyo sa amin?" (We are already making all these sacrifices for you, and this is what you give us in return?).

Well, if parents stop and think about it, their kids did not ask to be borne into this world. Parents wanted to have children for one reason or another. It is the same thing when we get married. No one twisted our arms and said we have to marry the person we are with.

If anything, "sacrifice" that we tends to overused, and abuse, to make someone feel guilty is an actually an 'investment' in our future. We marry for companionship, to have children, and to have someone there to help us in life. We have children because we want our own "flesh and blood" to continue our legacy after we are gone, and, hope someone will take care of us someday when we get too old, or too sick, to take care of ourselves.

So getting married and having children is like any investment or business partnership; it is risky. Some will turn out in our favor, some won't. So, realistically, everything we do in this world we do ultimately do for ourselves—and the same truth applies to what is going on in the Philippines. No one makes sacrifices for the country and the people. It still boils down to what we can ultimately look forward to of getting in the end, and why we do what we do as Filipinos.

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