Bonchon Chicken reminds me of the typical Filipino

I just ate at a
Bonchon Chicken branch this afternoon, after a long time. The skin is very delicious. Yet when I started eating the meat, I suddenly realized that it was rather bland.

Why does this remind me of a typical Filipino? A typical Filipino will give you the impression that he/she is very noteworthy and astig ang dating with his/her braggadocio. In short, he/she likes to brag. However, if you go past that and start dissecting him/her, he/she usually has nothing to show for it. In short, he/she is all hot air, and mediocre at best underneath.

I'm not telling you guys to stop eating at Bonchon Chicken. Yet the success of this product has proven yet again that Filipinos are all too quick to ride on the bandwagon of a product. Plus, they've shown themselves once again as suckers for a product that is, at the surface enticing, yet in the end is, in my opinion, rather mediocre.

Yes, that's the Pinoy for you. A piece of Bonchon chicken.


  1. I've not tried it myself, this Bonchon Chicken. But I do agree that many Filipinos, if not most, do thrive on mediocrity.

  2. Well I agree with you... But at least we're not like most Indians.... tamad na, mayabang pa! plus they are a far worst version of what you think a typical Pinoy is...

  3. Grabe ka naman makapag-generalize teh.

  4. i've been told that bonchon chicken is indeed superficially tasty and bland beneath the surface. how accurate.

  5. This is the dumbest blogpost i've read this year.

  6. actually there's truth in what the blogger has said. When my girlfriend and I went there to eat, we were so excited with our order, but beneath the really delicious skin was something that is very normal.

  7. I agree that the skin of Bonchon tastes great, but the meat is...well, ok at best.

    For me, the one thing that really represents Pinoy mediocrity is...the jeepney!


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