When the weeks stop being holy...

The Holy Week is, without a doubt, a very influential event for Filipinos. The Senate has declared a five-week break from the ongoing impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona just to pave way for the said event.

Prominent figures in the circus that is national politics laid down their arms for a while to remind Filipinos of the meaning of Holy Week and its significance to us as a Christian nation. It seems that in the duration of this annual celebration, Filipinos more or less get to enjoy a short period of peace from political turmoil.

But then, what do you think will happen after Easter Sunday, when Filipinos rejoice over the resurrection of Christ? What will happen when we're finished contemplating on how we lived our lives, confessing our sins and promising to become better people?

The impeachment trial will resume, and the vindictive President will once again join forces with the flimsy prosecution to persecute the defendant. People will once again barrage GMA with countless expletives and insults as they happily march on the "daang matuwid" their beloved president laid down for them. The killings and torment in Hacienda Luisita will resume, the blood of the farmers serving as capital for the oligarchs. The Philippines will once again face an abundance of economic crises that will tear more and more families apart as workers leave the country for greener pastures. As soon as the Holy Week ends, Philippines will forget about God, and will once again immerse themselves in a society of vindictiveness, subservience and mediocrity.

Observing the Holy Week... it's more fun in the Philippines.


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