What if Filipinos were run like PMA Plebes?

I've entertained the idea
that maybe President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) first, then Filipinos in general, should be handled similar to the way PMA plebes are handled. The Filipinos should be forced to hold their chin-up similar to the exaggerated attention stance. They should be forced to be on double time all the time. They should be forced to be at the beck and call of their “upperclassmen”. They deserve to be treated roughly and forced into the proper carriage so that they can grow a backbone.

It’s an enticing idea that the Filipino citizens be run military style. I may not agree with the entire method the military uses to inculcate discipline, but I have to agree it works. Filipinos are predisposed to being submissive, obedient, mindless flunkies anyway. This is possibly a thing that can finally get Filipinos to be orderly and to work as a team. If, as a people, we don't develop discipline, teamwork, and order, we all deserve to get shot at.


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