The Filipino obsession with suffering, and other thoughts

As the Lenten season
comes to a close, we see yet another opportunity to highlight reflection on our lives, and how to become better persons.  Yet we do not need to limit this to just the Lenten season.  We should always take note continuously of what we want to improve not just in ourselves, but in our environment.

I find it disturbing that Filipinos are obsessed with self-inflicted pain, and suffering in general.  Every Lenten season we never fail to hear about Filipinos who practice gory rituals, as if to experience for themselves the suffering that Jesus Christ endured on his way to dying on Good Friday. 

Why do Filipinos view suffering as normal?  Why do many of us brandish our crab mentality at people who are better off then we are?  We never run out of excuses as a people to blame everyone else but ourselves for our pathetic condition today. If only Filipinos were more resourceful, actually did the hard work, and used our kokote a little bit more, we would be able to figure out how to make the best out of our surroundings, and finally pick the right people for our government officials.

Finally, I think that Noynoy Aquino's message to be selfless this Lent falls short. He should be leading by example on how to be selfless: distribute Hacienda Luisita to the farmers. Uncle Peping, however, may just whip him in the back and crucify him upside-down if he does that.


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