Why Noynoy Aquino should complete his ENTIRE six-year term

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@JoeAmerica: I don't know what your obssession is with this notion that GRP is out campaigning to "oust" Noynoy. I speak for myself when I say that I have always been for Noynoy serving his entire term. And I believe none of the GRP writers as far as I have seen have advocated removing him from Malacanang unconstitutionally. In fact, Filipinos should deserve to be subject to the Noynoy presidency for the full six year term. Filipinos deserve Noynoy, because they voted for him.

We remain exceedingly consistent not just in our focus on Noynoy's idiocracy but on the idiocracy of the broader society of Filipinos his presidency reflects. What I wrote back in June of 2010, for example, may as well have been written today...
Noynoy is just another bozo who just happened to have walked into our crosshairs and flashed his iconically moronic “L” sign once too often. These are crosshairs that have remained consistently focused on only one thing — aspects of Da Pinoy that account for our chronic inability to prosper as a society. So it’s nothing personal folks. Trabaho lang. Whether or not Noynoy stays within those crosshairs for the next six years is largely up to him.
As to how he is different from other Filipino politicians, well he isn't in a broad context. But narrow that context down to an evaluation within the set of politicians he is now part of (the rarefied set consisting of those who had served as Presidents) and Noynoy clearly comes up as a real chump...
I’ve always called politicians “bozos”. And for the record I personally consider Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III a bozo’s bozo. Add me to a box of “witchhunters” then, given this categorical declaration coming from me. Noynoy is in a class of politicians probably occupied by only two men — him and former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada. Between the two of them, they embody 99% of the renowned dysfunction of Filipino culture many of us here have been writing about for the past 10 years.

But whilst Erap represented that perverse machissmo that characterises the misguided aspirations of the average Pinoy male, Noynoy so effectively complements this “macho” persona by representing the emo wussy side of the Filipino — the side that predisposes us to an addiction to melodrama, telenovelas, nauseating romantically-charged ballads, and that world-renowned crybaby victim mentality that served as the bedrock upon which Noynoy’s campaign was mounted.


Noynoy is the Yang that completes Erap’s Yin.
You can't escape the reality of Noynoy's being a standout bozo, Joe. Perhaps, as another guy here said, you are among the more intelligent, articulate, and well-read among Noynoy's supporters. But that puts you in an even more tragic class of your own -- because time and again, it's been quite evident that exceptional intelligence is so obviously incompatible with being a Nonoyist. What does that make you? Simple. Inconsistent. And that ultimately is the source of your failure to earn the respect of people here... which is why you instead seek the comfort of people like yourself who comment on your blog -- articulate people but Noynoy supporters nonetheless: your partners in inconsistency and, as such, failed thought leader wannabes.


  1. indeed.pinoy's deserve noynoy as their leader because they have voted for him. the philippine leader mirror's the kind of society and average persona's of semi-thinking masochistic melodramatic pinoy.

  2. 'Idiocracy' of the Filipinos trace back to the fundamentals, which is out poor quality of education. Our schools are full of lies and misconceptions, which is proved by the election of an incompetent president.


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