Have issues? Contact your local government agency

Whether it is GMA or PNoy, we can’t blame them for everything that is wrong in our society. We all have a role to play in our communities. Like what I have said in the past, being a member is not just about enjoying the privileges of being a part of it. It is important that we perform our roles as community members by calling the attention of those concerned and make sure they are doing their part in fixing what is broken.

When was the last time you called the attention of the people who run your local municipality and told them to fix something in your community?

Start with the Department of Public Works and Highway. As stated in a news item in June 2011:
Mr. Aquino inaugurated the DPWH’s 24-7 hotline for those who want to report damaged roads and other public infrastructure, inquire about the completion and other matters regarding government projects, file complaints and make suggestions.

The DPWH’s 165-02 hotline is operated by Solutions People Innovation-Global Inc., a subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.

Don't hold your breath waiting for your public servants to see everything. They need your help too. Start calling and writing them now!


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