Monkey see, monkey do

News of STC defying the court TRO by not allowing those kids to join graduation rites may be so last month, but I can't help but think that what we have here is someone emulating a "grand" example. That they defied the court TRO merely imitates Secretary De Lima's defiance of the TRO during Arroyo's departure.

Oh well monkey see, monkey do.  Then again, STC has two excuses:  they can always say "De Lima made me do it!", or they can invoke possibly the most retarded excuse.  "The law of God is above the law of men".  Yeah, right.  The kids may have been irresponsible with their Facebook settings, but what business did the STC nuns have peeping on them?

Therein lies the dilemma of these self-righteous Catholic institutions.  In a world increasingly becoming more secular and more connected through technology, they've lost all relevance by maintaining archaic, irrelevant, and downright moronic stances on issues.  They are not the absolute authorities on morality anymore.

As for De Lima, she's simply following her boss' orders.  No one is above dilaw, according to Joey de Leon below:


  1. it's hypocrisy !!!!!

  2. let's leave the case to STC and to the parents.. i have a lot of friends who came from STC and they supported the decision of their Alma Mater. Even the students of the school supported the move of their school..Who we are to judge the school. our children is not even enrolled on STC...if we don't want their policy and standards then enroll ur children in public schools...always remember that in a commencement excercises such as graduations, u are presenting ur products, (which are the graduates) who passed the standards of the school..let us leave the intentions of both parties to themselves and to their God..

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