Filipinos least rude in the world my ass!

Am I being a crab if I thought that the Philippines as the least rude country in a recent survey is complete and utter bullsh*t?  If you think about it, maybe we are very polite and cordial, to foreigners, as long as we can keep milking money from them.  Actually, this isn't even being polite; it's being called sipsip and switik.  Once they run out of money or just stop spending it on us, and especially once they criticize us constructively and give us tips on how to improve, we immediately say that the Joes are stupid and that they should all go home.

Filipinos smile because they don't want the world to know that they're suffering.  If the world does know, Filipinos will only get more questions as to why, and the truth will eventually come out that most of the time, their suffering is the consequence of their own stupidity.   Filipinos go out of their way to help foreigners because most of the time, they're looking to get a sort of monetary reward or some sort of "favor" for their "troubles".

How locals treat foreign visitors is not a definitive basis of how rude they are as a people.  Watch how they treat each other, and their environment, and you get a much better idea.  It's easy to put up a veneer of kindness and receptiveness because you want to make a good first impression, but after that, bahala ka na sa buhay mo.  This is called pakitang taoism, the prevalent philosophy of the pilosopo

The concept of real respect, that which is earned and given without expecting anything in return, is hard to grasp for a group of people who think they are entitled to it, those who think it is their birthright as Filipinos.


  1. depends on the person not every filipino help's a person just so they get some monetary reward
    or a favor in return some do it out of kindness.

  2. Another Lie! Where Da Penoy goes, Da Penoy carries Da Culture and reinforced by the global massmedia originating in Da Pinas "Society-Centric Showcase." for all to see. It is only fitting to say, "Nasa 'Tate na torpe pa rin!"

  3. Though normally I agree with GRP posts, I'm afraid I will have to beg to differ on this one. Despite being a rare breed in a sea of ignorance and bigotry, there are a handful of Filipinos I have met who actually interact with people from different ethnic backgrounds (white, black, asian, south asian etc.) for the sake of cultural exchange and a bigger world perspective.

    I am not saying that the post doesn't have any truth to it, but it has to be executed in a way that it will not come out as biased.

  4. I think the authors of the survey were smoking wacky tobaccy when they came up with that conclusion. I live here and I wouldn't recomend my freinds to come here due to the rampant corruption, scams, foreigner rip offs, woeful infrastucture and the basic assumption that the foreigner is always wrong. Don't forget the main airport was voted worst in the world.

    1. The authors have a basis in telling the story, that is why it's called "survey". Maybe you haven't been to any country outside of the Philippines..and that makes you ignorant.

  5. whatever happened to the foreigner in Tarlac who was milked dry by the people and is now pleading to Pnoy to help him?

  6. You guys are being selective here.

  7. ooooh... defensive...

  8. Hi, can I use your image for my painting?

  9. There's a boatload of imported filipino health care workers in Chicago and they are RUDE. They have no concept of customer service or social graces. And they run around chattering on tagalog which is rude and annoying.

    1. I guess they chatter on tagalog because theyre talking to their fellow filipinos, filipinos have been thought to love their own language. their more comfortable in using their own language. I dont see the point of talking with another language when infact youre talking to someone who knows the language you knew the most

  10. 1. Property lines or other boundaries.
    There is little to no respect of where one piece of property ends and another begins. This is demonstrated in a couple of ways. One is that people will cross your property without permission even if it is fenced and you have posted no trespassing signs. Second, they will pile their garbage on or across the property line and burn it even if there is a fence. We’ve had people tether their carabao right next to the property line and if the carabao damages the fence they say nothing about it. Yes it’s illegal but more than that it’s disrespectful, in another word, rude.
    2. Personal space.
    There seems to be no regard for personal space. If you’re walking in a crowded shopping mall for example, they will walk in such as way as to make you avoid them or simply stop in the middle of the walkway to have a conversation or look around. They have no concept of moving to the side so as not to inconvenience others. Even if the location is not crowded, they will make it seem crowded by taking up as much room as possible. It’s incredibly silly. There is more than enough space for everyone yet they insist on crowding right up next to you.
    3. Queuing or “waiting your turn”.
    This is not just a Filipino thing as we experienced similar behavior in China. Just today, I was trying to pay a vendor for some food when an old lady pushed me out of the way and called out her order. If that wasn’t bad enough, the vendor acknowledged her by serving her and collecting money before completing my transaction. I have no problem with senior citizens getting some measure of special treatment but that is not an excuse to be rude. Why the vendor tolerated this bad behavior I don’t understand.
    4. Driving.
    I’ve written on this subject before but not in this context. Here are some examples of rude behavior on the streets.
    a. Stopping in the middle of the road rather than moving on to the shoulder to have a personal conversation. Not just a quick stop but one that can last several minutes.
    b. Pedestrians walking shoulder to shoulder taking up an entire traffic lane even when there is a sidewalk.
    c. Parking on the main arterial rather than a side street for the simple reason of not having to walk as far even though it is posted “No Parking Anytime”.
    d. Driving a motorcycle extremely slow with one hand while nose-picking with the other. Seriously, nose-picking.
    e. Driving a motorcycle and completely ignoring any adherence to traffic laws. They will drive on the right, or the left, the shoulder, the sidewalk, pretty much anywhere they can squeeze through. They never wait their turn (re: #3. Queuing). They will drive straight into oncoming traffic because the oncoming traffic is “supposed” to move out of their way. They will drive in your “blind spot” then suddenly cut in front without warning. This all happens even though motorcycle riders die in great numbers on a regular basis.
    Shall I continue?

  11. This;Anonymous Nov.15, 2012,10:06pm is a very good post.
    Pinoy always cut me off and away from my GF whenever theres any kind of a crowd.Even when I put my hand on her shoulder they will still try and cut inbetween.
    Theres also many trikes and jeepneys who have no headlights at all at night.Pinoy are a pass happy people and have no patience.I had thought I was going to be dead so many times because of a pass happy Pinoy when I used to ride a scooter!
    Most Pinoy gossip whatever they think could possibly wound us Foriegners when ever they see us.Even when common sense tells us that whatever their saying is NOT true.My Pinoy nieghbors who live closest to me are always trying to wound me with the usyal made up lies.They will even mimick me-he says its all made up lies.This is said as if Im a liar to try and maximize the wound.Its been 5different places now and only the Pinoy who live next to me do that.Although most Pinoy on whatever street I live on usualy snuff me if I say hello.
    From generation to generation Pinoy are taught to be rude to us and search for whatever could possibly wound us.
    Their trying to get a reaction from me so they can act as if was histerical or maggalit.
    Ive been accused of being GRP before and I had just smiled with joy because I would if I had the time and patience to write them posts.

  12. That's a lie! Filipinos are happy because of family and religion! Many people that don't know the answer are imbeciles!


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