NoKor missile failed? Don't rejoice just yet.

News yesterday of the failure of the North Korean missile to launch has had many people within the region rejoicing and posting in Twitter and Facebook all over.  "That's why it's called rocket science."

Don't party just yet.  I can't say for a fact how smart North Koreans are, but they've shown cunning, and resourcefulness in dealing with the world.  While it's highly unlikely, they may have another rocket waiting to launch somewhere within their country.  After all, foreign inspectors have rarely been allowed in, who knows where all the launching sites are?

Let's try to think of things from their perspective.  Since it is the 100th birthday of their founder, Kim Il-Sung, on April 15, to have failed to launch the Unha (Galaxy) rocket is a big dishonor to their ancestors.  They couldn't care less what the world thinks; all that matters to them is to maintain what little face they think they have left with their dear leaders.  Worst case scenario, they cross the DMZ, and South Korea can only watch in shock as their neighbors trample over them.

If we, the rest of the world, want to rejoice at North Korea's failed attempts at showcasing their military might, we do it after we're sure all of their resources have run out.

No wonder war brings out the worst in men.  Take note of the shape of a missile and tell me what it reminds you of.  The bigger and more ordinance it carries, the better.

As for us, the Philippines, the only missile that we have in our arsenal to show is a limp one.  The North Koreans had no choice but to deal with a system that is very oppressive to its people: their brand of communism.  We had a choice, and we propagated a system which emphasized self-inflicted oppression: stupidity.


  1. hehehehe.. as for the moment, they failed. However it's true that they may have another one. The only thing we can do is to wait. hehehe as for now. LET'S REJOICE hahah lol

  2. Stupidity:KIllS rejoicing for no reason for what dahil di nag launch yung rocket nila they have limited resources thier country is starving but still they have the power to create that. We dont know what thier up to malay mo front lang nila yun.

    Stupidity Kills!!

  3. Dear author,

    What do you know about communism? You are 100 years too early to say that it's oppressive.

  4. look like that missile is just a dummy

  5. @Anon guy, on communism:
    He said "/their brand/ of communism", not communism as a whole. lrn2read


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