Martial Law and former President Marcos are not inherently 'evil'

If former President Marcos was as bad as they paint him out to be, then why build so many schools that further improved people’s literacy ? Why bother developing the country’s infrastructure that would enhance the economy? With an independent and highly functioning society, the gov’t wouldn’t need to impose Martial Law. And Dictatorship would certainly be resisted.

If somebody were a true dictator and as corrupt to the core, he would create conditions that debilitate the country and incapacitate the very people he wants to rule over and steal from– through an unending cycle of poverty, miseducation, dumbing down of the culture through corporate media and depriving them of elevated culture.

Is this being a pro-Marcos? It’s just a perspective. No need for labelling and putting things into boxes that only bring discussions to a dead-end. Who knows, maybe the truth might be too complex that even the scholars and historians aren’t ready for it.

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  1. No, Marcos is not a dictator but he is corrupt but gave some for the country. Corruption is everywhere esp in the govt. I don't mind so long as you deliver something back to the country


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