Why Filipinos keep voting for idiots like 'senator' Antonio Trillanes

Of course the masa will keep [Senator Antonio Trillanes] in office, and the game will continue unchanged. Personality disorders are so common among Filipinos at large they have trouble spotting it in other people. They think it’s normal. People who act with integrity or concern for others are considered weak.

What’s funny about this is that Trillanes is doing exactly what Filipinos want: acting the savior. Never mind that the job of tracking down and questioning (alleged) lawbreakers is the job of the police. The few good men in the police could probably be counted on one hand, so we all know how that works out. The average voting tambay does NOT want that problem fixed: if the Philippines actually had a functioning police force, he’d probably end up arrested himself. No, far better to see some politician grandstanding on TV, on some personal crusade against 0.0001% of the criminal population.

All this makes the voting tambay feel good on two fronts: 1) nobody has come after HIM, so he must be a Good Person, despite all other evidence to the contrary and 2) The Government is Rooting Out Corruption, and it won’t be long before The Philippines rises up and takes its place among the pantheon of Developed Nations. Pinoy Pride!

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