The Philippine Senate can only redeem itself if it expels 'senator' Antonio Trillanes

Trililing is a delusional psycho, everyone already knows this. The real question is, why did the other senators allow him stage another freak show at the Senate?

Senate President Koko Pimentel’s spinelessness and lack of leadership is appalling. He does nothing while bottom-dwelling scum like Leila de Lima, Trillanes, and Risa Hontiveros use the Senate of the Philippines to repeatedly malign the President and smear the reputation of the country in the international community.

I’m not saying President Duterte should be untouchable. By all means, subject his administration to investigations when there is real evidence to do so. But it is so clear that de Lima, Trillanes, and Hontiveros have no evidence. They just want to use the Senate to legitimize their lies and broadcast their crap to the world.

Why did Trillanes insist on having Paolo Duterte and Mans Carpio show up at the Senate? Why did Ping Lacson use a Senate privilege speech to “expose” customs officials without evidence? Two reasons:

1. Because Trillanes et. al. know they can’t be held accountable for false claims they make on the Senate floor (parliamentary immunity).

2. Because Trillanes et. al. know that the ridiculous tales they spin out of thin air (i.e. Paolo Duterte is a member of HK triad because he has a dragon tattoo) can gain the patina of legitimate news when you tell them on the Senate floor. The yellow mainstream media are all too willing to lap it up. They’re eager accomplices in this charade.

We Filipinos know that Senate investigations in the Philippines are a joke. But foreigners don’t. When a Senator accuses the son of the President of being a member of a drug syndicate on live TV during a Senate hearing, foreigners assume there must be basis for the accusation, because in the sane, normal world they live in, you can’t just do that and get away with it if you’re lying.

These foreigners don’t know that in the current Senate of the Philippines headed by Koko Pimentel, insanity rules. Dishonesty rules. Kabastusan rules. Kabobohan rules.

I salute Nic Faeldon for standing up to this insanity and refusing to participate any longer in the Senate freak show. All truly patriotic Filipinos should stand behind Faeldon and save the Senate of the Philippines from the megalomaniacs and trapos that currently inhabit it.

The ethics case filed by Senator Gordon against Trillanes is the last chance these idiot senators have to redeem themselves. EXPEL THAT LUNATIC. Suspension or censure are not enough. Trillanes should be sent back to jail where he belongs. And no, Senator Grace Poe, talking things over won’t cut it. Where have you been, little girl? This maniac wrecked hotels in two failed coups, sent Gen. Angelo Reyes to his death, caused ambassador Sonia Brady to have a stroke, walked out on Senator Enrile, turned off the mic of Senator Cayetano, almost got into fistfights with Senators Zubiri and Pacquiao, habitually bullied and humiliated resource persons, repeatedly brought false witnesses to the senate floor ……. and you still think you can “talk things over” with this psychopath??? Senator Poe, you are either a world-class fool or a closet dilawan, or both.

If Trillanes is not expelled, that may really be the sign that it’s time to shut the Senate down. The way things are going, ordinary citizens are already so pissed at the moro-moro “investigations” that no one (except the yellow media) will complain if the Senate is eliminated. The citizens, the military, the police will all rejoice.

While our poor soldiers are dying in Marawi and lowly policemen are getting killed in drug raids, the useless, pompous senat-tongs, who each get at least P200 million in budget every year, spend all their time grandstanding on live TV. Where are the emergency powers to solve traffic? Where is the tax reform law? Nowhere. The sena-tongs are too busy performing for the yellow media.

If they can’t get their shit together, they should just be shut down. We taxpayers will be grateful to have the P200 million budget given to each senator every year rechanneled to the construction of roads, mass transpo, power plants, and other social services. We don’t need the Senate. The House of Representatives is doing a fine enough job getting legislative work done.

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