Chito Gascon used @CHRgovPh to undermine the govt rather than help it bring crooked cops to justice

Mareng Winnie [Monsod] misses the point again [in her article Why we need the CHR].

Where does the Commission on Human Rights come into the picture? The 1987 Constitution wisely mandated an independent body to which we can turn when it is the state agents themselves who violate human rights. We need the CHR, warts and all. The government is already going after the terrorist groups with full public support. And already helping their victims. There is no need for the CHR to investigate them or help their victims.

How can you justify the existence of the CHR by saying that it is the agency meant to run after government when it is not vested with quasi-judicial powers to begin with?

The only time the public became aware the CHR existed was when Leila De Lima was its Chair because she used it as platform to launch her political career. GMA appointed her but she turned on GMA in order to ingratiate herself with PeNoy.

She was rewarded with the SOJ post in the Aquino administration and proved herself to be a loyal lackey. She became one of those tasked with destroying the reputation of then candidate Duterte. She persisted until she was a Senator and she continues to do so up to now even if she is under detention.

You can't justify the flaw in the legal system by saying that you just have to live with it. It is the obligation of the State to ensure that a citizen can expect redress for a grievance.

But more importantly, Monsod has to accept the obvious fact that the CHR Chair, Chito Gascon, has been utilizing the agency he heads against the government he is supposed to be a part of. He is not performing his job objectively.

The narrative being used by Monsod and Gascon is the CHR should be naturally adversarial to a government which doesn't have much respect for human rights. It is precisely for this reason that the CHR should get it the bottom of allegations that the policemen under the PNP are behind the killings of individuals involved in the drug trade.

It should also help the families of the victims to file cases against these errant policemen and not target government's credibility in order to turn public opinion against it with the ultimate goal of ousting a duly elected President extra-judicially.

Hypocrisy has always been the worst trait of Yellowtards. Monsod and Gascon are just running true to form again. They are just fear mongering as a means to the end they wish to happen.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


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