Appalling public slobbery on display at LRT Carriedo Station!

What is an otherwise historic building in Manila designed with a bygone architectural touch stands marred by a lack of care by an apathetic public.

These photos were posted on Facebook by Rolando Alano along with the following message...

LRT [Light Rail Transit] riders just throw their garbage on the ledge of the nearby building as they pass through the stairwell of Carriedo Station. 😡 
May I request my friends to share this until it reaches: 
1.) as many LRT users as possible, and 
2.) the policy makers of the Manila City Hall and LRTA. 
Thank you.

It is a shame that Filipinos are not only oblivious to that hidden beauties of their capital city, they unmindfully destroy the little that is left.


  1. What a pity, most Filipinos are indeed oblivious and if you point that out to them they'll just laugh at you and that's how they show that they really don't know what you're talking about

  2. Introduction of fines for littering will help solve the problem. Hitting these idiots in their hip pocket will make them think twice. Then again,this foreigner has been travelling to this country for 21 years and I think I've seen as many litter bins around the place. Apparently, I'm told, people actually steal them. WTF?

  3. I've lived in 13 countries now, and the Philippines is the filthiest nation, populated by the stupidest people, all of which think everyone in the rest of the world is just like them. They care about nothing but themselves. They are absolutely greedy, promiscuous, and uncompromisingly arrogant while calling better educated foreigners the arrogant ones. They are so ignorant that they don't realize how stupid they are. They are never embarrassed by their own stupidity or selfishness, but only get embarrassed when a foreigner points out the truth about them.

    To hide their embarrassment they feign anger at you, blame everything on you, and lie about you to gain sympathy from other ignorant Filipinos who are stupid enough to believe without questioning whatever another Filipino says about a foreigner. This explains why their president acts so angry at Americans; an American immigration officer caught him violating the law by abusing a diplomatic passport to illegally enter the U.S. on personal business (allegedly to visit his girlfriend which is a violation of international law and treaty, ) without proper authorization from his government, and without being on official government business. He was embarrassed (which they call "loosing face",) and to hide his embarrassment of getting caught he angrily pretends that all Americans are to blame for his transgression. After all these years he's still holding a grudge against all Americans because he got caught red-handed. To this day this grudge he holds on to causes him to latch onto any event in Philippine history and pervert it into a falsehood blaming the Americans for anything he can blame them for.

    Passing a law to fine littering simply won't work because the police will not consistently enforce it. Why? Because they say that it won't do any good because Filipinos still won't obey the law. Why don't Filipinos obey the law? Because the police won't enforce it. Do you see the circular reasoning in that? That's exactly how Filipinos think. Stupidly!

    Duplicitousness and disregard for their own laws (not just other nations laws) is the Filipino way. So don't be surprised when you see what filthy pigs they can be.


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