Filipino journalists are too stupid to ask Trillanes the RIGHT questions

The stupidity and gullibility of the Pinoy news media is once again in full display, thanks to Antonio Trillanes.

I thought it was bad enough that the “veteran journalists” couldn’t even get their basic prepositions right — it’s right AGAINST self-incrimination, you morons, not right TO self-incrimination — but seeing how they fell hook, line, and sinker for the useless sheets of paper Trililing waved around as his supposed “bank waivers”, I really think reporters should be subjected to IQ tests before they’re allowed to publish or broadcast any news. Stupidity of this level should be a crime, especially for the self-appointed “chosen ones” who claim to “speak truth to power” [gag / eye roll].

One look at the “waivers” Trililing signed shows they’re not at all usable or enforceable. See the “waivers” here.

1. In the waivers, Trillanes claims that the accounts don’t exist. Yet he produced and signed waivers for said accounts. If the accounts don’t exist, why sign waivers for them?

2. The accounts in question are offshore accounts, located in countries where no bank secrecy law exists. So what right to secrecy is Trillanes supposedly waiving?

3. Why are the “waivers” addressed to the Ombudsman and AMLC of the Philippines? Bank waivers are supposed to be addressed to specific banks, because it is the employees/officials of banks who are bound by the bank secrecy law. And, as mentioned, the subject accounts are overseas, not in the Philippines.

These are very basic questions that the “veteran journalists” and reporters should have asked Trillanes during his press con. But of course they didn’t. They just unquestioningly swallowed every turd Trililing pulled out of his ass without one ounce of critical thinking.

But then, should we be surprised? These are the same idiots who blindly accept homemade Excel printouts as “evidence”.
These sanctimonious reporters have been blanketing the news with their demands for Mans Carpio and Paolo Duterte to sign waivers, when in fact they actually don’t have a clue what a bank waiver is.

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