The behavior of Trillanes, is not the behavior of a normal person

“May Trililing na si Trillanes, Kaya nagwawala sa Senado”

The behavior of Trillanes, is not the behavior of a normal person. He is acting like an “Immature Child”, who gives everybody a hard time; if he cannot get what he wants.

Those who voted for this “Clown Trillanes”, should be ashamed of themselves. Or, he won, like Leni Robredo in the election, because of the Andres “Si Latigo” Bautista COMELEC HOCUS PCOS and SMARTMAGIC.
Trillanes has no shame, on himself. He does not even have an iota of civility !

He was the “Running Dog” of Pnoy Aquino, during the Aquino’s term. He went on a backdoor diplomacy in China; that resulted in the occupation of the Scarborough Shoals. He and Aquino, may had sold these shoals to China.

His DAP and PDAF, has no projects. “Ibinulsa niya ang pera/fund ng DAP at PDAF. How about his Pork Barrel ? Let us look into it…

The faster, we remove this “Trillanes Clown” from the Senate; the better, we can move on…

Plan B for the Liberal Party failed. This Plan was to Impeach Pres. Duterte; and make the Phony Vice Pres. Leni Robredo , become President.

On the onset of the term of Pres. Duterte; Leila de Lima, the drug dealer and nymphomaniac, held the Extra Judicial Killing investigations in the Senate; assisted by Trillanes; as a prelude to the impeachment of Pres. Duterte.

Naunahan sila, ni Tatay Digong. Naamoy ni Duterte, ang balak nila” …Experience in politics is a plus !

Now, Leila de Lima and her lovers, are in prison. Trillanes cannot move the Extra Judicial Killings investigation. Plan B of the Liberal Party is now a Dud …

So, there is no way to do, than have Trillanes create trouble in the Senate!

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  1. Yes definitely true...respect begets respect and finally karma sets in to all evil deeds....what goes around comes around....TRLLIANES pls bow down your head and resign....☺

  2. Psychopath.. Antonto trililing.. Ill mannered.. No respect.. Mad dog.. Shame on him.. ����


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