Atenean laments how the Philippines went NOWHERE after the 1986 EDSA Revolution

I was 10 when Edsa 1 took place, classes were suspended,  F-4 jets were flying overhead, but first and foremost, what counted to me and my sister was that there were no classes for that week.

We, as a nation had a "bloodless revolution" - we had ousted the Marcose's and put into power Cory Aquino. 

Apparently she was robbed of her mandate during the election count, where NAMFREL had declared her as the winner and COMELEC said otherwise, where we saw the walkout happen during the quick count, and the rest was history.

I feel that a lot of the things that we went through as a nation during EDSA 1 has taken us nowhere.

Most of the key players during the MARCOS regime weren't made accountable for their actions, and the roles they played during the Martial Law period...such as Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Valdez Ramos, Defense Minister and Police Constabulary chief respectively.

Basic discipline has gone to the dogs - where before we had bit of discipline when we had Marcos in power.  I believe we handled with kid gloves plenty of things when Cory took over, same goes for the succeeding administrations...FVR, Erap, GMA and Pnoy.

Crime was going up, heinous crimes to be exact, and correct me if I'm wrong, the only one who suffered the death penalty after Edsa 1 was Leo Echegaray, for the alleged rape of his step daughter.

Now people are wondering why Pres. Duterte enjoys so much support.

We, as a nation had dropped the ball.

We had the chance to elect Jovito Salonga, but we opted for FVR, who sold huge tracts of Fort Bonifacio to supposedly modernize the military, but we ended up with nothing.

We elected Erap who wasn't any better, then he got himself ejected from Malacanang because of that Jose Pidal fiasco.

GMA took over and then we had all those controversy, notable is the "Hello Garci" incident & the NBN ZTE deal, courtesy of Jun [Lozada].

Then we had Pnoy, who was well liked when he came into the office, riding the wave of sympathy brought about by the death of her mother, but took the same route as his predecessors.

We kept on electing the same local officials, politicians who are political butterflies, that moved from one political party to the next dominant one or whatever was politically expedient at the time.

We had allowed basic discipline to got the dogs, where shirtless men could walk the streets, where drugs ruled supreme, where crime was so rampant, that law abiding citizens were afraid to walk the nighttime streets.

I guess we had lost track of what really counted, and now that we have Duterte in power, why am I not surprised that a majority of our populace is happy with the results.

And please, again, we've had people "Salvaged" before, we just didn't call them EJK's, but we are so easily swayed by mainstream media.

So many "disente" folks who are up in arms over all of these things, when they sat silent in all the previous administrations who basically had the same things, except we used different terms back then.

And no, I'm not a die hard Duterte supporter, I only support those actions that he takes that makes me feel safer, makes me feel that my family is safer.

Rafi Uy as posted on Facebook.


  1. Thank you for this Atenean who has his heart and mind in the right "track. We can not have written this any better...

  2. Thank you for this! I fully agree with your thoughts :)

  3. The story is 1% correct, the EDSA Revolution was the result of failed COUP DE ETAT and Cory Aquino was hand picked by COUP leaders. Marcos had to step down because the Philippines was suffering from poverty. Marcos started his administration with 360 million US dollars of external debt inherited from Pres. Diosdado Macapagal. Cory inherited 60 billion US dollars of domestic and external debt from Marcos. I don't have to go any further you can do your own math.

    1. its true sir.. kasi sa daming napagawa ni marcos during his time... mga geothermal plants.. bridges.. irrigation.. the bataan nuclear plant.. medical buildings.. schools all over the philippines... pero si cory sir nang matapos.. magkano ang utang ng pinas.. bumaba ba???? hindi di ba??? may napatayo ba si cory aside sa mga napatayo ni marcos non.. you can do your own research too... and mind you.. saan napunta ang mga pinapagawa ni marcos.. sino ang humahawak ngayon?? search mo din yan.. sa GOOGLE


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