Leni Robredo in the company of thieves. What does THAT make her??

The Liberal Party has become so disgusting. Imagine the biggest applause during the gathering of their leaders in Club Filipino this week was reserved for Butch Abad. It was not even for Mar, Leni, or PNoy. Sonamagan, it was for Abad?

Of course, it is for Abad because he does not call PDAF, DAP and Malampaya as such anymore. Abad now talks of BuB. He is their genius when it comes to the manipulation of discretionary funds, which by the way is at 800B to oneT now, right in the face of SC and the nation. Oh, I forgot, we don't have a Supreme Court; what we have is a Sereno Court. The only thing supreme about SC now is that it looks like an instant noodle, as in Lucky Me, Supreme noodle.

So, as in the Corona impeachment when each legislators/judges got their DAP, so their LGU leaders are now expecting their BuB if it has not yet been distributed to them. No wonder a few in their ranks who are still principled wanted to vomit; their loyalty is now outside of LP. But, the Club Filipino event was a loyalty check, and there was Mar shouting: "We will win." Kawawa naman our Wharton guy, talagang na-bobo na. Can he not see that they went there, not to see him, but to cheer their beloved Abad? What does Mar think, these LGU guys don't look at pre-poll surveys? Or, does Mar know something about Hocus-Pcos that nobody else knows about? He is in the 4th, a bottom dweller, and still expect to win with three weeks to go before May 9. (Media keep saying it is still a 4way race bcuz the political machinery of Binay and Mar don't kick in till election day. This is a lie, everyone on the ground can see it is a two way race, or are they conditioning the public there will be massive cheating.)

And Leni in the company of these thieves? Gosh, she better think, and I think she is thinking because during her interview with Karen Davila, she said something to the effect that she could work with any President, not necessarily Mar. Boy, was that not a slap on Mar's face? And of course, during the debate, the words Mar, PNoy, and Daan Tuwid never came out of her mouth. If she is that principled as they say she is, she must be having some sleepless nights. Maybe, she should talk to that WB rep who understand privately concedes that if there was an Ali Baba during ML, a conjugal plunder, today, there are 40 thieves, or more than a whole soccer team plundering. No wonder what is being plundered today is three, four times. Maybe, the rep could convince Leni to bolt out of the party.

And, the followers of Mar are talking of #MARangal, decency, etc. Sonamagan, how can yellowtards be so blind? Decency, my foot. They are not only defending incompetence, but a filth that will be exposed after June 30 as so filthy than the crap of a pig. Really gross. Or, are they so ignorant like a barber I recently encountered. He said: "Bakit, sir, magaling naman si PNoy, ha. Tignan nyo memorize nya lahat ng speech nya." So, I was shocked and said: "Huh? Narinig mo na ba yun salitang, teleprompter?" ….."Anu po yun, sir?" Imagine we are in the 21st Century.

In any case, Leni is no pro-active, strategic player at all, and I can see that. She is a bit better than PNoy, but that is not saying much of course because PNoy is the worst of all reactive players. But, Leni will find that she has been Peter-principled into VP by LP, because to be strategic thinker takes time, and she ain't one at all. She is already at her best in Congress, working closely with civil societies – her talent will shine in that position.

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