Rather than discern bad ideas and good ideas Filipinos latch on wholesale to personalities

The same way Filipinos threw away the baby (intellectualism/discipline) with the bath water (crony capitalism/martial law) when they rejected FM and everything associated with him, they are now throwing away decency in conduct/language with incompetence by their puking out the Yellow camp and everything they stand for.

The myopic nature of the Filipino's ability to decipher the good from the bad by viewing an entity as either ALL good or ALL bad rather than as a gray scale of virtues, qualities, strengths/weaknesses reeks of how simplistic his mental capacity is.

We as "analysts" here should also learn to praise those we do not support for what they do right, and call out those we support for any of their shortcomings.

During the last debate, Duterte gave a complement to opponent Mar when he said he will just copy/adopt a certain plan Mar had in his platform since it was good.

Cory on the other hand rejected nuclear power just because Marcos built it – which is totally childish.

I guess we not only need to get real, but also grow up as a people. We need leaders who will model this for us.

BTW, congratulations to all Filipinos for the successful putting into orbit of our very own Diwata-I satellite. The question is: will Ateneans go over to the campus across the street to greet and celebrate with U.P.? Sana kahit minsan magkaisa tayo. It's time we move beyond our crab mentality and little cliques.

Looks like Du30 is the guy to unite our people. For those who will lose in this coming elections (you already know if you're one of them), let's set colors aside and begin the reconstruction from the rubble and damage that 30 years of incompetence, mismanagement, and utter lack of common sense has brought to our country.

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