Is the Salim Group influencing Ph elections via the Bilang Pilipino Mobile Survey?

That mobile survey that David Yap already warned us about in an article is now saying Leni is leading in their survey.

Well, I will add something to what David already said about that doubtful survey. Don't forget that CH.5 is "owned" by Manny Pangilinan (MVP), which means it is really owned by the Salim Group of Indonesia. MVP is just an employee of Salim, although MVP is one of top 10 highest paid executives in Asia.

PLDT is in effect owned by Salim, but this is covered by layers and layers of holding companies.

Now, let me ask which companies are the worst when it comes to employee compensation of rank and file? You guess right, companies "owned" by MVP.

Now ask yourself who among the candidates will question the ownership structure of PLDT, a telco that has choked the internet speed, and the candidate who will question the way they pay their employees? MVP will make sure that candidate will not win.

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