Feminism is synonymous with HYPOCRISY

Dude. Feminism is politics – where have you been? Modern feminism of today has a political agenda. Feminists also embrace political correctness and, most especially, feminism is synonymous with hypocrisy.

Feminists tells us that when a womam says she is raped you should always believe her even in the presence of the benefit if the doubt because, according to them, a man falsely accused rape does not suffer much – that is the typical feminist logic – although I must distinguish that radical feminists are a different breed. Some feminists are reasonable and logical so, for the sake of technicality, I will refer to them as radfems – totally separate from the rational feminists.

Did you know the Sen. Pia Cayetano refused to have a shelter for men who are victims of domestic violence citing that there is not enough studies that men are victims of domestic violence? What is she trying to convey with her statement – that women are not capable of physically and emotionally abusing men? I did not know that men have a monopoly on violence and abuse.

Feminism is the idea of equality but why call yourself a feminist if you are for equality? Radfems claim they are fighting for women's rights. What rights do men have that women don't? Radfems say women are oppressed. If women are oppressed or do not have rights, why are there many powerful women even in government? The oppressed are the poor and powerless, regardless of gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

It is also a fact that more women attend and graduate from college more than men.

Radfems claim that women are slut shamed but they fail to mention that women slut shame women more than men.

Radfems should check their privillege before whining and bitching. I admit that there are men who abuse women, who raped women, who objectify women but we live in a society where women are treated with respect.

If you see a man beating a woman in public, chances are MEN will come to her rescue. However, if you see a woman hitting and verbally abusing a man in public, chances are both men and women will not intervene, and they will probably think that the guy deservef it.

Men will almost always open the door for women but you will rarely see a woman opening the door for a man.

When you take a woman on a date – women always expect the men to pay for everything.

If a cruise ship is sinking, who are the first ones to be rescued? Children, the disabled, the elderly, and Women. So if I am in a sinking cruise ship, the first ones I would rescue ate the children, the elderly, and the disabled. After that, it's every men and women for themselves. That is equality.

Radfems want to have their cake and eat it, too. Gabriela accused Duterte of not respecting women because he is a womanizer, and he is immoral. WTF?!! Really? If Duterte do not respect women and is immoral, how do you describe the women who willingly throw themselves to Duterte knowing full well that he is a womanizet?!! Radfems do not hold women accountable for their actions – it is always the man's fault. They chant girl power or women are strong yet they infantalize women.

Some radfems also claim the gender pay gap. They expect women to have the same pay as men even if the woman's degree is sociology and the man is engineering, lol.

I used to be pro-feminist when I was in college at CAL, and i later realized that I have been duped – I took the blue pill.

Equality is equality. I believe that a woman can do whatever a man can, limited only by the difference in biology and physiology. Women are as privileged than men, but women are more privileged than men in some areas.

How often do you hear "your mother and sister are women, and you should treat them with respect". What happened to fathers and brothers? What happened to treating everyone with respect, or treat people the way you want to be treated? Which phrase is the true essence of equality.

A man can be an asshole and a woman can be a cunt. A woman can be a bitch and a man can be a dick.

So if a woman dare to hit me because she is being a bitch, I will hit her back in the name of equality. Besides, I am entitled to defend myself – it is my inherent and legal right. If I called gay in the process of defending myself from an enraged bitch, then I can call them bigots or sexist, or can I?

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