Duterte wouldn't be Duterte if he pandered to the 'civil' tastes of the Filipino country club set

His "rape comment" may have been made in bad taste, but in the Philippines, its politicians' outward image tends to be the very opposite of his/her actual productivity. A "goody-goody" image doesn't translate into real improvement & security in the Philippines.

Look how much bloodshed has been left in the wake of "saint" Cory's & Noynoy's terms, due to incompetence & neglect, and especially too much priority given to image-building, vindictiveness towards (yet grabbing credits from) their political enemies?

Look how, the proverbial "coƱio" boy, Mar tries so hard to look like the masses, yet fails miserably–Awkward & internally directionless, he believes the answer to his life's purpose lies within his family name (also, bad political move having Korina for a wife–best for Korina to stay out of the picture and lay low).

And then there is Binay, who pretends to care for the masses only to benefit from them personally—to ensure his own family's political and financial future, and so on.

Now, Duterte is the same guy who was/is productive & very effective in improving his own city.

I don't know about the rest of you, but aren't you tired of a lame duck president whose interior darkness has been cloaked with layers upon layers of image-building by his die-hard media spinsters, and yet crooks have been bolder, more audacious & violent under his watch?—I'd still feel way safer and secure with an effective crime fighter wearing a devil's mouth.

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  1. bakit si Duterte? bakit wala na bang ibang presidentiable na mas matino mag salita na hindi naglilinislinisan lang kundi magaling at may ipinakitang proyba? di nyo ba nakikita si Miriam? naglilinislinisan lang ba sya? nag gagaling galingan lang ba sya? porket may bulagar dyan na nagpapakita ng kanyang kabolastugan kaya sumikat ay hwag po natin kalimutan pasikatin ang matino ngayong eleksyon!

    1. She would have been a good choice but she still want to retain Imperial Manila hegemony.

  2. Wit and eloquence, I'll go for Mirriam. But with the current situation and problems we have in this country. Only a Duterte brand of leadership suits the needs. He needs to do the bloody job. No one else can.

  3. my vote will go to miriam if duterte did not run, duterte provides the leadership that commands in big numbers (sans a well oiled machinery)that sadly had already passed miriams time.. pls vote for duterte, he is authentic.

  4. Ya Miriam was always my 2nd choice the issue with her is shes not winnable candidate


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