Humble achievement cannot sustain puffed-up Pinoy Pride

The average IQ in Singapore is 108. The average in Philippines is 86. IQ is approximately 60% genetics. A child with excellent potential going through the Singapore educational system becomes a genius. One going through the Philippine educational system languishes.

Our motto is Pinoy Humility, not Pinoy Pride. With humility comes self-awareness and the realization that you have to work harder than everyone else to get to the top instead of feeling entitled as a birthright. If you are motivated parents, your children will be reading at age 2 and doing algebra by age 6. Singapore has no monopoly on hard work.

The very last people on earth to model yourself after is fellow Pinoys puffed up with pride and testing 42nd out of 45 countries on international tests. You can be YEARS ahead of Singapore students before they learn the first letter of the alphabet. All you have to do is put your pride down, substitute hard work in its place, and not expect anyone but yourself to be responsible for your achievements.

It makes us sick to see the birthday parties, parades, ribbons, and mindless pomp. Cap and gown for learning the alphabet. Graduation ceremony for counting to ten. Worshipping teachers who cannot do math, cannot read a map, and cannot even pronounce vowels or consonants correctly, let alone utter a complete, coherent sentence.

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