Saturday, October 24, 2015

New species of #Filipinos observed queueing to board public bus!

Just to share my experience earlier, as I was about to get to a bus near Shaw boulevard, I was surprised to see something unexpected: A line for boarding the bus. Though they were only 5-6 people, that made me smile as it really caught me off guard. Seldom will you see that in this country. I joined them.

A while later, another person with his friend came and tried to cut through the line. One uttered that there was a line so those people backed off. but then, more people came… So of course, the line disappeared to my dismay. As we were boarding the bus, I heard the person earlier who tried to cut the line tell his friend in a sarcastic tone: "May pila daw kanina. Wala naman pala. Buysit" Well shit. Siya pa na-buysit. Meron naman talaga pila bago nun eh. Pasaway lang talaga tao. And I know what your thinking: Bakit hindi sinita yung mga sumingit? Well, may kalbo kasi na malaki na mukhang siga na dumire-diretso kahit kitang-kita naman na may pila na. Tapos marami na rin sumunod sa kanya. Masmarami sila sa amin na naka-pila.

And lastly, on my experience in correcting people of doing the right thing: Ikaw yung magmumukhang tanga tapos, ikaw yung magmumukhang masama tapos, baka mapaaway ka pa.

In this country, it just takes one asshole to ruin a good thing. But to start a good thing, we need a collective. Or is it? 

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