This fight of BBM is also a very personal one for me

David Yap and I were the very first to post in social media about the anomalous data trends in the VP race during the May 2016 elections.

[In reference to the Inquirer article Bongbong Marcos scores in new PET order vs Comelec]

And the insult and trolling we got were severe and relentless. We have been caricatured and demeaned. Our academic credentials were questioned.

Friends unfriended me. Colleagues laughed at me. People who knew me to be a thorough academic suddenly joined the mob. Others even questioned my sanity.

Even my family was not spared.  The legal problems of a relative was shamelessly outed even if he had nothing to do with my politics.  My alleged plagiarism case from UPLB was resurrected and used against me. People invented lies about me having sexual harassment cases.

Many believed I was a paid Marcos lackey.

But while I voted for him and openly endorsed him in social media, I did not actively campaign for Senator Bongbong Marcos. His campaign manager Jonathan Dela Cruz can attest that I was never involved in his campaign.

When the existence of a 4th server was revealed, I almost cried. This is it.  David and I were on the right.

And now that the election protest of Senator Marcos is making progress, I know deep in my heart that this is good enough.

And I am waiting for the day that we will be completely vindicated.

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook.


  1. It's amazing how people react to matters before they think. I'm sure those who vilified you were sorry. I'm glad you and David stood up on your beliefs and it's paying off. Well done and more power to you & to others😊

  2. Thank you mr. contreras for exposing the fraud in the last election. i believed your analysis. May The truth prevail.


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