"Tiglao's Fake News" by @rapplerdotcom: Written by amateurs, or maybe a junior US embassy writer?

Rappler had a very amateurish opinion piece in response to my column the other day that exposed Omidyar Network, one of its two American funders. Omidyar funded many NGOs  which destabilized in 2012-2013 Ukraine that led to the ouster of its pro-Russia president and his replacement by US and Western lackeys.

Rappler didn't even challenge the facts I presented: (1): It is funded by THE American billionaire Omidyar; (2) : Omidyar funded anti-govt NGOs in Ukraine; and (3): Rappler has also been destablizing the Duterte govt with its biased articles and outrightly false data.

The only point it contested was my opinion that Ukraine was in effect a brother country of Russia historically, ethnically and economically. Rappler's reasons for that claim?  Putin annexed Crimea -- I won't go into this complex issue involving that area inhabited by mostly ethnically Russian peoples. Then it cited the famine in Ukraine ostensibly caused by the polices of guess who? Stalin --  more than half a century ago.

That's all what they could say to my column accusing the website of being a US lackey, through Omidyar. The opinion piece probably was written by a junior officer of the embassy of the US , concerned only with the demoniized image of Russia it wants the world to believe. Or by its editor Maria Ressa, who was praised to high heavens  there as God's gift to the social media, and "independent journalism."

These Rappler guys or girls  must be taught basic journalism protocol.

An opinion piece can not be anonymous. That piece on me was  by-lined just "Rappler.com".  Is Maria Ressa or Glenda Gloria afraid to be identified as the writers of the opinion piece?

If you use as author just "Rappler.com" -- unless they have a duly identified editorial board -- they are referring not only to the entire gang of editors but especially to its board, which according to its website includes Manny Ayala (chairman), Nix Nolledo Nix Nolledo, Maria Ressa, Glenda Gloria, Singapore- or New York based James Bitanga James Bitanga, Felicia Atienza, and SIngapore-based IBM executive James Jin Vasquez.  I hope they PM or email me if they read that "rappler.com" article, and are in effect its authors.

PS. Why would Rappler ask for donations from the public, when its main funder property and energy tycoon Benjamin Bitanga is a billionaire.  Why doesn't it ask for additional funds from the super-billionaire Omidyar, the main owner of eBay?

Bobi Tiglao as posted on Facebook.


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