Duterte needs to stop letting the yellows jerk him around and put him on the defensive

It’s obvious the yellows are scraping bottom. This latest stunt by Deputy Ombudsman Carandang adding up all the debits and credits of the Duterte family bank accounts instead of netting them out is absolutely hilarious.

Even more hilarious is Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales’s pig-headed defense of Carandang despite the AMLC’s statement denying they gave any records to Carandang, and pointing out the ridiculous errors in his calculations.

Pakapalan na lang ng mukha ang labanan, right Conchita? Kung walang ebidensiya, daanin na lang sa tigas ng mukha at pag-iingay sa media. Mrs. Morales, you and Trilliling are really meant for each other.
Kiko Pangilinan’s moronic grade-school stunt with Resolution 516 at the Senate was the other yellow comedy highlight of the week.

I died laughing watching Pangilinan on the news desperately trying to deny that he purposely excluded the other senators from signing the reso.

Pangilinan was able to get Leila de Lima, who is in jail, to sign the resolution. Yet he wants us to believe he just “accidentally” missed the seven senators who were just a few steps from your office. Seven senators who all just happened to be non-yellows.
Gee, what a “coincidence”. Just like that LP-aligned anti-Duterte blog slamming the seven senators right on cue was just a “coincidence”.

Desperation is making the yellows sloppy. They can’t even hide their coordinated “galawang dilaw” moves anymore.

President Duterte should follow the example of former President Gloria Arroyo and just have his spokesmen deal with the cheap, moronic stunts of the yellows. By responding to them directly, he is lending credence to their ludicrous antics, which is exactly what they want. Duterte needs to stop letting the yellows jerk him around and put him on the defensive.

The yellows are obviously working overtime to provoke the President and stress him out with their constant infuriating attacks, hoping that if they agitate him long enough, he will crack mentally or his health will suffer.

Don’t fall for it, Mr. President. Let your people deal with these barking dogs, and just focus on running the country.
And if you must crush these dogs, please go ahead. Don’t worry about looking like a dictator. We voted for you precisely because of your iron fist. Use it.

Let the media and the yellows howl all they want. They scream the loudest, but in truth they represent only a tiny fraction of this country. No one cares about them. Stop letting them dictate the agenda of this country.

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  1. I agree, DU30 need to focus on more pressing issues than being carried away by those throwing negative forces. His spokesperson should handle this and not him


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