A chance to rebuild once-beautiful Marawi City...

Marawi City in the 1960s (I was told, I'm not that old) was such a beautiful city by Lake Lanao that of all places in the country, Enrique Zobel chose to  build a hotel there. 

They say the billionaire Zobel found the place so beautiful.  The rise of the MNLF and the subsequent fighting with government ruined the place, Zobel reportedly  became disgusted over the turn of developments (some Datus were also giving him a lot o headaches) that he just abandoned the resort, which subsequently was taken over by MSU.

I got to visit Marawi in the early 1980s, and the echoes of its former beauty still lingered: the mists over the lake, the bucolic scenes of Muslim house at the lakeside, the forests that surround it. 

The destruction of Marawi City I hope would be an opportunity to rebuild it with a plan that would be strictly followed.  Marawi could be the most beautiful city in the country -- what other city has such a huge and beautiful lake surrounded by forests.

(Image Bella: Marawi before its troubles)

Bobi Tiglao as posted on Facebook.


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