Expat HAPPY to leave the Philippines after 13 miserable years of doling out $$ to Filipinos! 😱

After 13 long, miserable years here I am taking my money and getting out. The extra people, not related to me, that I supported will now have to fend for themselves. When I get back to the US I will be almost 66 years old but I will not be denied a car loan because I am too old.

I will have 50 Mbps of internet service for half what I now pay for 10 Mbps. It will be at least a year or more before I hear the English language version of “no stock sir” because what I want WILL BE IN STOCK! I won’t have to download a picture of a common item to show to a hardware store clerk in order for them to know what I’m asking for.

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  1. You are 66 and still need a car loan? Edi wow.... What a success story, no wonder you were hiding here... anyhow.. with an attitude like that you will not be missed....

  2. arragant 2x posts just ignor those that know how you feel will understand how you feel but perhaps it is time for you to depart cheers

  3. You are only leaving because you now qualify for old age pension from your home country. Now you don't have to explain to social security why you are unemployed. You used the people that used you so you can stay in the country for that long, leaving cheaply( so you don't have to work all that time in your home country )and lived life feeling entitled that you deserved better treatment. Go back and collect your pension and see how far that would take you in your home country you lazy entitled sod.

  4. Good the door is wide ...open dont come back..

  5. Hahahahahahah!!!
    Somebody is not happy. And you cab be sure it I not what he was saying. Definitely, he has a problem wit his attitude and relationships. Poor Guy. He is miserable now. He will be more miserable here in the US.

  6. Godspeed and good fortune to you sir, filipinos are shit.


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