Unfounded tirades of Ph "academic" @Richeydarian called out by former amb. @bobitiglao!

Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao in a Facebook post calls out childish behaviour exhibited by "thought leader" Richard J Heydarian on Facebook.
Hey Mr. Richard J. Foronda Heydarian have you contracted the Yellow disease (and put yourself in the same league as Cynthia Patag and Jim Paredes) of making sweeping generalizations and unfounded tirades when somebody pricks your ego by publishing an article saying you were so wrong, as Sass Rogando did, when she wrote that you lied re Nicaraguan success in getting US to comply with an ICJ ruling? Or are you mad as I've criticized your fellow Yellow cultist Marivic Leonen? 
Academic ka pa naman. Get your academic training to tame your childish ego. 
Discuss and debate, instead of branding a newspaper or a writer.
A screencap of Heydarian's post (which can no longer be found on Facebook) was provided by Tiglao for reference.


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