Filipinos cannot build a strong nation because they are incapable of cooperating with one another

Filipinos are renowned for being utterly unable to co-operate. Even within families they cheat and abuse each other. Nobody trusts anybody else for a very good reason: most Filipinos are untrustworthy. They’ll stab you in the back if they think there’s some short-term gain in it.

This is a hole that’s very hard to dig yourself out of. Nobody can offer to help his neighbor, or his neighborhood, or his country, because he knows that sooner or later one of two things will happen: he’ll be slapped down for failing to conform to social expectations, or he’ll be ripped off so often that he’ll just give up.

So exactly how do you suppose a strong, independent nation is going to be built upon that? It’s impossible.

Strong societies are strong because they learn to co-operate among themselves. There’s nothing shameful about teaming up with others for mutual benefit: in other words, helping each other. But the Filipino sees everything as a power play. He cannot comprehend the idea of win-win co-operation, or interaction between equals. He must either debase himself or assert himself with arrogance.

Somehow, Filipinos need to adopt the values you ridicule: that is, the motivation that encourages “meddlers” to offer to help. While I agree that those meddlers rarely have any clue what they’re talking about, some of them do; but because the Filipino adopts the motto “trust no one”, without attempting to evaluate the individual, he can never be helped, and he can never help himself. All he can ever receive is charity, and all he can ever give is fealty.

Paradoxically, then, the Filipino version of “strength” – we don’t need you meddling meddlers! – ends up making the country weaker than it needs to be.

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  1. Any solutions to it?

    1. There is always a way... The issue is that there are few people who are willing to make the sacrifices to improve the whole. The process would be a highly unappreciated task, especially by those who take it personally.

      But as for a specific solution... It really depends on who the Philippines want to be? Which country does it see as being a role model for them to emulate?

    2. there is always a way...I agree with you. But there is another bad trait - what I call the "mauna ka" has to start from one...but because of the lack of trust, I will do it when you do it. Why? Because you might take advantage of me...sadly - this has become the trait...

    3. Yes i agree to that analysis outright. Aside from lacking of trust and cooperation Filipinos , sad to say , don't know the word ' discipline ' which is the core foundation of many advance economy ( countries ) of the world where the abroadist are going for greener pastures. Whereas the Filipinos practice that discipline and follow the rule of law. Why is that ? For the simple reason that there's no " palakasan " system that's very much prevaling in our society.Poor country...we couldn't move forward unless radical changes take place otherwise...tsk..tsk..tsk

  2. Stage 4 cancer mentality and mindsets of us Filipinos!! ...hopeless and no solutions!!SHAME ON US!!!!

    1. I don't quite understand your cancer reference, but I respect your opinion.

      I disagree that it is hopeless. Will you see change in your lifetime? Maybe. Is there a solution? Depends... Do you know of a country that is doing the right things? If so, then it is possible.

      Shame? I don't know if that is justified. Sure, shame on the people who have not led the country well. But to blame every Filipino for the problems of the country is uncalled for. Not sure, but perhaps the poor have little to do with the direction the government chooses to run the country

    2. Symbol used for the zodiac sign cancer is "crab". I'm sure that's what Jer Gap meant - Crab Mentality. And that's still and evidently very prevalent. Not for anything, but after living and working outside Philippines for a very long time, it's really a shame that majority of Filipinos have indeed regressed, rather than progress.

      Just go out to the streets, then tell me we are wrong to say this:

      Jeeps/pasengers loading and unloading in NO loading/unloading zones.

      Drivers have no respect for pedestrians and most of the time no discipline and road courtesy at all.

      People littering on the streets and wherever.

      Guys peeing anywhere, where they feel like it.

      Cars parked at NO parking zones.

      Smoke belchers everywhere despite the mandatory emission testing prior to the annual vehicle registration.

      And the list just goes on, and on, and on...

      Now, isn't that really shameful! It's really embarrassing! Get real Filipinos!

    3. Kanser ng Lipunan ~Jose Rizal

  3. What a crap article without any foundation obviously wrote by a hater who don't know a shit about Filipinos. Maybe one of this frustrated expats living isolated in a country without friends and even don't know basic tagalog. There is even no name of the author - why not?

    1. I'm not attacking your reply...

      I simply have questions about your thoughts.

      Why do you think it's a crap article? It isn't even really an article based on solid facts persay but more along an opinion, much like your own reply. It's a blog post. And the writer, depending on the country they are in may or may not have the freedom to write their opinion. Just as you have the freedom to not like it.

      But judging from your reply, it sounds like you think the author is wrong in their experiences and observations of Filipinos?
      I don't think the author is saying every Filipino is at fault, but definitely trying to get a reaction with the inflammatory piece.

      And you think knowing basic Tagalog is a requirement to have an opinion? One could argue that proper use of a language is important when trying to convey one's message clearly. Whether that be the language of the target people may not necessarily be important.

      And also you feel that their is less merit in the post because the author is anonymous.... Like yourself?

    2. I laugh whenever someone brings up whether or not someone can speak Tagalog considering that these same people cannot understand the writings of Jose Rizal. This doesn't even bring into the majority of the country that speaks other dialects but cannot speak Tagalog.

    3. yet another Filipino trait, being so defensive. if we wanted change, dapat sa lahat yan hindi lang sa iilan. that is why it doesn't work.

  4. I disagree. Hindi lng nm ngkkisa at mpagpanghati ay ang mga mayaman sa atin. The 10percent ultra rich has a professional machine to ensure that pipol will not converge to a majoritarian society esp w respect to politics n economy, power n money.

    This coubntry needs the middle class who can convince the upper strata ang pull the lowest strata to a negotiated cooperation and we see that a Duterte platform partly generate thst following. It should nor stoo there becoz it should snowball into a social movement n political party. It is a process wc is taking place. We need more waem bodies. But thanks to this article as a challnge for all of us and would serve as a jumping board.

    1. There can never be a middle class when the attitude described in this article is so endemic to the average worker. Filipinos don't understand or trust a win-win even if it is put in writing. The first opportunity they get they lie, cheat, and steal. This is why the only ones successful in business must achieve it with an iron fist. This is why there must be work contracts. This country is truly going to hell, especially for small business owners. The only business entities left standing will be large corporations, because they are the only ones with the mettle to put the average filipino in their place and slap them down when they would otherwise bite the hand that feeds them or stab their employer in the back. This will only further erode any possibility of the middle class and those who are to blame need only look in the mirror.

  5. I agree that there are some bad traits of Filipinos but I'm pretty much sure that there are good sides as well. There are others who give their trusts and serve the country wholeheartedly. What I saw in this article are bad side opinions. It seems that you haven't experience the good side, the hospitality, the honesty, the bayanihan and a whole lot more. Yes it is shameful that there are others who would only think of themselves but there are still more that does abide the law and do little good things for others.

    Another thing, historically the crab mentality, the manana habit, and other negative traits are traits imparted and inculcated by the countries who colonized the Philippines.

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