Was @MrFrankBaraan's DAD aware of Leila De Lima's alleged drug links? 😱

Anybody connected with the Leila de Lima, Mar Roxas, Aquino Drug Cartel, that operated inside the National Bilibid Prison is a suspect…

In my opinion, I don’t believe that Baraan did not know what his Boss, Leila de Lima was doing, with her Drug Cartel operation inside the National Bilibid Prison…

Baraan sought refuge in the U.S. However, he can be arrested in the U.S., as a criminal Alien….who was a Shabu Drug Dealer. The U.S. Attorney General could deport him, as undesirable alien, with the request of Pres. Duterte.

The Leila de Lima, Mar Roxas, Aquino Shabu Drug Cartel is like an “octopus”, that had a hand on almost everything in the government, during the term of Aquino. They had entertainment inside the Bilibid Prison…They had: Drugs, Beers, Prostitutes. arms, money counters, banks, Rock band concerts, good food, etc…Prisoners can come and go…etc…name anything, they had it, inside the National Bilibid Prison, during the term of Aquino …

It was the worst corruption, I have ever seen in Philippine political history… criminal inmates were involved, with government officials.

The Jailers and the Jailed had symbiotic relationships….only in the Philippines!

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