Leni Robredo is politically-dead, yet the Opposition continue to coddle her

The Opposition can’t afford to purge the yellows just yet because the yellows hold the purse strings.

The Liberal Party lost the 2016 presidential elections because Mar Roxas insisted on being the standard bearer. Why was Mar, who was so obviously unwinnable, allowed to become the party’s candidate for the top position? Because Mar brought in the money (where the money came from is another story).

Why was another unwinnable personality, Leni Robredo, who was not only unwinnable (in a clean election), but unknown and grossly unqualified, able to become the party’s candidate for the second-highest position? Because she is Mar’s kumare and the widow of Mar Roxas’s bosom buddy Jesse, and Mar could trust her not to betray him. Remember, it was Mar who got Jesse Robredo appointed to DILG. Mar and the Robredos go way, way back.

My point is, the members of the Liberal Party committed the same mistake the Democrats did in the US. They let an unwinnable personality bully them into letting him/her become standard bearer and call the shots, because he/she had access to resources. They let this one unwinnable personality promote his/her personal interests, at the expense of the whole party. So they all ended up in the kangkungan. Bernie Sanders had a better chance of winning against Trump than Hilary Clinton, but Clinton elbowed him out. So when she sank, she took the whole party down with her.

Same with Mar.

The ones who bailed out of the Liberal Party after Duterte won were the smart ones. They’ll live to fight another day. The ones who are still in LP, especially the frontline attack dogs like Bam Aquino, Kiko Pangilinan, Risa Hontiveros and Edcel Lagman, are the really dumb ones (Trillanes should be on the list too, except LP is too ashamed to admit he’s one of them). They’re so tainted now that no other party will touch them, not even groups who might challenge Duterte in the future, because the stench of yellow is just so bad now, and the smell on them can no longer be washed off.

Now Edcel Lagman says he’s going to challenge Congress’s approval of the extension of martial law in Mindanao before the Supreme Court. He knows it’s a lost cause, but he’s going to do it anyway, just so he can squeeze more anti-martial law media mileage out of the issue, and keep the SC justices tied up so they won’t have time to discuss the Bongbong Marcos VP electoral protest.

There should be a law against habitual filing of cases at the SC. Lagman, Leila de Lima, Leni Robredo, and all the yellows should be given a limit so they stop wasting the SC’s time with their self-serving motions and filings. What about the cases of ordinary people and other important cases that have been pending at the SC for years? When will the SC resolve those? Why is CJ Sereno always prioritizing the cases filed by her yellow cohorts?

Sereno should shape up. She may think she has security of tenure, but today, we witnessed over 90% of the upper and lower houses of Congress support the President without one cent of pork barrel to “incentivize” them. Sereno’s backer, Noynoy Aquino, had to spend billions to get those same mercenaries to vote to impeach and convict Chief Justice Corona, and by a much lesser margin. Duterte won’t need to spend a cent. Not with today’s awakened Filipino citizenry.

So, dear children, learn your Mar lesson. Stop coddling Leni Robredo and the yellows, unless you want to go down with them. No amount of manipulated survey results will change the reality on the ground that the kumare who nominally chairs your party is politically dead.

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  1. I thought she's also brain dead.

  2. Is it true that Leni received 2 billion to run with roxas?

  3. Sigurado ang labas niya puppet...


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