Are Filipinos raised to be crooked from childhood?

Filipinos are endlessly complaining about what they haven’t got, instead of working with what they have got. And the fact is, Filipinos have got a lot. They are, in fact, rich. They’re just so busy whining (and drinking, and gambling, and wasting their money on get-rich-quick schemes) that they don’t even realise it.

Filipinos have lots of carabao shit. Now, how difficult would it be to use it? It’s not much, but it’s a start. Everyone has to start somewhere, and when you’re at the bottom of the heap, starting with the carabao shit is as good a place as any.

Stop complaining about your thieving politicians. Those thieves are YOU. Do you honestly think that only politicians are thieves, while everyone else is pure as Mary herself? Don’t you think it’s odd that every single one of them is a self-serving crook? You actually believe that’s just coincidence? The politicians weren’t born politicians. Once upon a time, they were all just little Bong, going to school with all the other little kids, learning how to cheat and steal and evade work. It’s just that Bong got elected, and the other kids didn’t.

As for OFWs: it’s not “most of you”. It’s about 5%. The other 95% aren’t allowed to leave (you do realise this country is one of the few that doesn’t allow its citizens to leave?), and they would be unemployable elsewhere if they were. There are no job openings in functioning countries for people who are capable only of standing around with a rusty gun prodding people in the kidneys.

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