Filipinos need to choose between spineless dipshits like PNoy and independent street-smart leaders like Duterte

Rina Jimenez David reduces column writing to the level of the homeless person on the street begging for money. The only difference is, the homeless person has more dignity because he acknowledges his helplessness and sincerely asks for help in whatever form while David panders to the papers that be behind her.

[In reference to the Inquirer article Keep him away from children.]

In David's case, she will do anything to destroy the reputation of the President. That's how desperate she is in her latest piece.

What would she have the President say to the Boy Scouts? Live by the Scout's Honor. I promise to do my best to do my duty for God and my country, the Philippines. This is how the first paragraph goes if I still remember correctly.

Scouting is one way to instill values and build character in boys and young men. This is why it's compulsory unless the boy in question is disabled or suffering from a medical condition which limits physical activity and exposure to the elements.

This is part of the process of growing up where boys are transformed to men. It is both theoretical and practical as there is set method for developing value judgments other than what the boy who eventually becomes a young man learns by himself from personal experiences.

David makes out the President to be a monster. Potty mouthed, male chauvinist pig who is a bad example.

Contrast this with his predecessor PeNoy. Descended from a hacendero family whose great grand aunt wo just happened to chance upon donated monies and valuables earmarked for the Philippine Revolution left to her for safekeeping by her boyfriend the military general after he was assassinated by his rivals in the revolutionary movement.

The great grand nephew is bereft of empathy and generally behaves with a stick so far up his ass that he looks down upon his countrymen as no more than slaves who labors for him. He runs the government like a high school social club because the goddamned son of a bitch haant had to work a single day in his life to earn money.

Let's face the reality that Duterte is the bully who bullies the real bullies while PeNoy is the gofer of the bullies or he object of their bullying.

This all boils down to a question of what a parent wants his young boy to grow up to be, streetsmart, independent and can fend for himself in any kind of environment or a lame, weak and spineless dipshit who's always the follower?

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


  1. We have street smart leader like Ferdinand Marcos, Lee Kuan Yew, Chung Hee, Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-Un, Donald Trump, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Vladimir Putin.


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