Hey @indayevarona, were you once a member of Bubby Dacer's staff? - @bobitiglao

Several replies on Thinking Pinoy's post that claimed that a Ms Manufactured Noise was one of the late publicist Bubby Dacer's assistant identified her as INDAY VARONA who was a prolific blogger and for several years chairman of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines.

Can Ms Varona please confirm or deny this? Please pass on to Ms Varona as she isn't among my FB friends. I had several encounters with Bubby -- bless his soul -- whose gruesome murder at the twilight of Erap's regime sadly hasnt been really solved to this day. The most "infamous" was when we had a bar fight at Cafe Ole at Kalaw St., when he lunged at me when i refused his offer to pay for my drinks, yabang ko raw. After that my press colleagues scolded me at nawala daw tuloy ang naglilibre sa kanila since Bubby never returned to that hangout of ours haha! so huwag na raw ako mag-istambay doon! I seem to remember nga now Varona as this small lady carrying Bubby's  stuff and clutch bag, but am not too sure as i didnt bother in my yabang to even talk to his minions.

Bobi Tiglao as posted on Facebook


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