On @bethangsioco's slanted defense of Leila de Lima published on the Manila Standard

Beth Angsioco conveniently forgets in her defense of Leila that while her marriage may have been annulled, Dayan was still very much married when they had an affair.

De Lima was a free woman when she had a relationship. Her former marriage has been annulled way BEFORE she had another partner. Yet she was slut-shamed to the hilt by powerful men who, on the other hand, think that their “sidelines” should be perfectly accepted by people.

There is also the matter of the Vice-President who's​ affair with the Congressman from the Third District of Quezon City, appears to be being openly flaunted now despite her patay malisya and colegiala denial antics.

There is also he alleged romance between Senator Risa Hontiveros and former Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs Ronald Llamas. Hontiveros denies this and Llamas has been mum but it has been written about even by Rappler. Hontiveros is a widow but Llamas is very much married as per the reports.

While society may define what is moral and immoral, the realities are different. It's a fact that most male politicos keep girlfriends and mistresses on the side. The same is true with ordinary mortals. No better example than policemen and military men who always establish "branches" in their places of assignments.

Our Presidents are no different. Erap admitted officially what already was an open secret about his extended family. The Church crucified him for it but he still won the Presidency.

President Duterte laid out his personal life an open book before he ran for the Presidency and he won as well. His ex-wife even rose from her sickbed to campaign for him. His common-law wife prefers to keep a low profile and goes about her business in Davao quietly while she takes care of and raises their daughter. There has been no rumors of her brokering deals with government​ as one would expect the woman behind the man to do.

Contrast this with former President Fidel Ramos, who to this day, continues to deny his son by socialite Rosemary Arenas. Arenas was one of the eminence grise during the Ramos administration. This was confirmed by no less than former National Security Adviser Jose Almonte.

Arenas had her own faction in the administration and was even entertaining the thought of running for President until she lost in her Senatorial​ bid. She has now established a foothold in Pangasinan as a carpetbagger and is an elected Congresswoman. Her daughter Rachel is presently the Chair of the MTRCB which is proof of the Ramos influence in the Duterte administration.

The President lambasted media the other day with another expletive laden tirade over their biased and slanted reporting. While a journalist cannot be 100% objective, he should always strive to present both sides of the news story or even a column piece.

This is both sides of the story. It is now up to the reader to make his judgment.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


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