Portrayal of Duterte by Gaviria on @TIME overly simplistic and superficial

It's quite easy to discern the forced narrative of Time magazine in drawing parallelism between Colombia and the Philippines in the war against illegal drugs. Exactly why they chose former Colombian president Cesar Gaviria to write that seemingly indicting profile of Duterte.

The problem is that we all know what the war on drug here is all about, and it is one of rampant use and abuse. On the other hand, Colombia's issue is that it is an established narco state controlled by very powerful drug cartels which exports its main product of cocaine, primarily to its biggest market - the US.

Thus, that simplistic and superficial portrayal of Duterte by Gaviria clearly reveal the glaring ignorance of Time on the true story of our nation.

Couple that with another discombobulating profile of Leila de Lima where there is an obviously deliberate attempt to ignore the reason why the senator was jailed, while outrageously painting her struggle as a fight against human rights and misogyny.

Indeed, the two profiling make for an interesting indictment and testament of an international magazine lazily kowtowing to the whim of a powerful PR lobby designed to neuter an unbelievably popular presidency.

It's disconcerting why Time and other MSM continue to peddle the notion that they still have that kind of captive influence over us so much so as to insist on ramming these false narratives. Are they still that clueless, or are they trying in desperation to bring up their own kind of reality distortion field so as to remain relevant?

Ironically, this latest Time 100 list of influential people in the world will probably go down in the magazine's history as its least influential issue.

And with it, its decline and eventual demise.

It's time is up.

Mark Lopez as posted on Facebook.


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