It's more about ME and less about solutions according to @srsasot

Thinking Pinoy posted a reaction to the previous post acknowledging the validity of the points raised. TP’s post seems to have been taken down, and I think I know why. Thank you, Thinking Pinoy. I trust your judgment and I hope something constructive will happen because of your initiative.

Meanwhile, Sass Rogando Sasot is still obsessed with herself. Her latest reactions:

GRP just won’t stop. Conflict of interest editing in Wikipedia is a real issue. Hindi lang iyong Microsoft ang nangyari. Did you actually read the other COI issues concerning governments? Sige lang let Malacañang edit entries about Duterte and let’s see how the media would use it against Duterte. Why do I need to be insulted by you when I raised a valid point, which you avoided to address with your insults against me?

[and this...]

People voting to make Duterte lead the Time Magazine poll was even used by Time Magazine against Duterte with a passive-aggressive statement that he is paying people to make him popular online. What do you think international media would say if they found out that Malacañang would be actively editing Duterte’s Wikipedia entry? Instead of throwing insults at me, people should have just addressed the issue I raised about conflict of interest editing and suggest ways on how it could be avoided. Am not saying PCO and Andanar are already doing enough to counter bad PR of Duterte internationally.

Me, me, me, me, me. This matter was already effectively resolved per TP’s action, but Sasot still wants to make it all about herself.

Ms. Sasot, in case you’re not aware, most multinational companies and political figures have a direct hand at managing their Wikipedia pages. There are ways around the issues you are raising. People who work in reputation management are well-versed on these matters. You don’t need to lecture about this as if you’re the first person to discover these issues.

Time magazine and the rest of the mainstream media will keep coming out with negative stories about Duterte no matter what. It doesn’t mean his Wikipedia page should be left to the dogs. If they do a negative story on Malacanang fiddling with Duterte’s page, let them. Don’t you think Leni Robredo’s own staff is editing her own Wikipedia page?

I will now stop discussing the Wikipedia matter publicly because the concerns raised have reached groups who can do something about it and we need to give them space to take corrective steps in peace. I hope Sasot will do the same. She should learn from Thinking Pinoy’s example–practical, focused on solutions, knows how to ignore unnecessary drama.

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