The #Philippines: Weak #Christian morals turned it into a failed state!

God save the Philippines indeed; but he can't as long as they reject him. It sickens me how Filipinos proclaim themselves the only Christian country in Asia. Despite spending two years there, I've yet to meet more than a half-dozen people there with good Christian morals, nevermind someone who has genuine Christian faith (I've met maybe two or three of them).

Exactly how do you fix a failed state that worships the Lord of the Flies? Is it even possible? In theory you can shoot a few criminals. But what do you do when 95% of the population take 'Shaft thy neighbour' as their Golden Rule? Evil is always bigger than your ammo supply.

I think the case of Rwanda is quite instructive. That country has an awful lot in common, culturally, with the Philippines (including – supposedly – a 'Christan' majority). Paul Kagame is an asshole. He doesn't appear to have organised any death squads, but he does seem to be the zero-tolerance type. He is, by most accounts, a lot smarter than Duterte. Under that sort of leadership, Rwanda is doing better than it otherwise might.

It's ridiculous that you have to treat an entire population like naughty 8-year-olds. Unfortunately, when they behave as such, there's not much point treating them as adults.

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