Lack of an openness to discussing the deep confronting issues hinders #Philippines' self help

One precondition for seeking help is finding ways to be open and honest with oneself – something many of us Filipinos do NOT have.

Nietzsche wrote that getting to know oneself can be the road to hell and that is very true.

What forms of help can be appropriate depends on the person and situation – modern methods like behaviourism seem more promising than psychoanalysis, which often does not help and some doctors do foster dependency to earn…

Germany had its postwar group therapy with a lot of Zeitzeugen = witnesses of the times – speaking up one by one. It did help finally, the openness about the Irrweg = wrong path the nation of poets and thinkers went led to a new nation that is more open than the USA.

A lot of hangups the Philippines has now can be traced to a lack of true openness about the issues of the past years, that stuff is still there in the back of peoples heads and causes irrational reactions by many people. Well maybe it's just me and my delusions. 

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