#Justice is nonexistent in the #Philippines because Filipinos don't understand Rule of Law

The Philippines is simply not a civilised society. The justice system is not just slow: it does not exist.

Filipinos in general just don't grasp the concept of a society ruled by law. Like almost every institution in the country, they've copied the superficial appearance of a legal system but completely failed to understand how and why it works (or should work). They interact with each other on the basis of threats and intimidation, exactly as they have for centuries. They support Duterte because they understand him.

Unfortunately, you can't actually solve problems by killing people, whatever the movies might say. Davao is still full of Filipinos who commit minor, everyday crimes against each other that don't merit attention from Duterte. I suspect what the Philippines needs is some missionaries to cast out their demons. There is no natural solution for their moral failures.

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