Foreign men appreciate #Filipino women more!

Foreigners marrying Filipinas means they find them interesting. Marriage isn't a joke. And are westerners a fool to spend their life and precious time with someone who'll only make their lives miserable or they will be ashamed of? No, definitely not. They find Filipinas interesting, they find in them fine characteristics they are looking for. I know someone whose Aussie husband help her develop into confident and successful woman.

Kapwa Filipinos are the ones who say Filipinas are like katulong next to their foreign partner but I'm sure their partner know their worth; it's what lies inside that count. What's shameful is how their kapwa Filipino like this pig Meloto sees them. Instead of helping Filipinas uplift their lives so they won't recourse on marrying for the sake of getting out of poverty, binubugaw nila.

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