Perverted governance in the #Philippines behind its decrepit #infrastructure

Manila' s public transport system is embarrassing from any angle you look at it. It is reflective of national and local leaders who are perverts. Yes, perverts, because every govt project is decided on the basis of how much tongpats they can milk out of it. And they need tongpats for two reasons: (a) to fund their political war chest so they could persists in their various positions, elected or appointed, and (b) in 80% of cases, to maintain their amorous, more likely gold-digging, "mistresses", or "toy boys", they have in their not so secretive lives. So, the end objective, the driving force really, is about fucking somebody in bed, the kitchen top, or what have you. Thus, more often than not, the govt end up with projects that are fucked.

What else can you expect? You are looking at low lives in London tailored suits and exclusive designer's barongs running around town in Mercs and Bimmers and the like, and I do not understand why they could even show their faces in public without any sign of shame. And, that is an indictment on all Pinoys for there is not enough opprobrium when in fact it should be simmering, boiling and bursting, as the case would be if it was a more civilized society, or a more educated and more demanding kind of consumers. Tell me how much tongpats an official normally demands, and I will tell you how many, or how big spending, the mistress/es there surely is/are.

Do not forget that ADB estimates 40% of the national budget of PHL is lost to corruption annually. I have the gut feeling that with PNoy's govt you are looking at possibly 50%, judging from the way he is reckless with PDAF, DAP, Malampaya, PAGCOR and PCSO, or the way he protects his KKK from scrutiny. It is normal for govt projects, particularly the big ones, to end up 2 to 3 times the actual cost. We should have had 6 or 9 lines of LRT, instead of the present 3. We should have had 2 to 3 new avenues from that Macapagal Ave, which is the most expensive road in the world dollar-wise per kilometer. We should have had 2 to 3 times the capacity of our present airport. Etc etc. But alas we can't have them because some mistress is waiting to go to New York for a jog in Central Park, or shop in Rodeo Drive in LA, or she needs to move to that newer condo down the block, etc. (That is why Binay is dumbfounded by the accusations when what he has done is Standard Operating Procedure in govt — almost everybody is doing the same thing he does.) With 2016, more tongpats are needed for war chest so they can retain their positions and maintain their lifestyle.

That I tell you is the reason why sometimes I prefer China occupying or bombing PHL. Maybe that is one way of starting anew. Pinoys can start thinking again, and Metro Manila and other cities need a total makeover after all.

PS, But, a number of projects are from PPP? Yes, but do not forget the regulators are still from govt. Private sector can't have these projects if they don't wine and dine these govt guys at the minimum. The maximum, I leave to your imagination and speculation. Just think. We have the most expensive, yet pokey, internet; the costliest electricity, water, etc.

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