Crooked traditional #Filipino politicians are products of the #Philippines' culture of mendicancy

In the case of Mary Jane Veloso, nobody should take credit in the first place. You do what you got to do. If it's your job, you do it because it's your job. If you care, you do it because you care. That's just that. Bakit kailangan magbuhat ng sariling bangko? Will it prove MJ Veloso's innocence and free her from death row or jail?

People who are dependent on their government, sorry, but they won't go anywhere. They are simply puppets, same as with the people who are crazy with what the media is showing them. My mom has this to say about Pinoys in general who has nothing but grievances, "Hetong mga taong 'to wala ng ginawa kundi sisihin ang gobyerno. Kagagawan ba ng gobyerno lahat ng misfortunes nila? Why won't they work hard to get out from their poor state? The government has no control with what they want to do with their life." Her point being there a lot of ways to improve one's life or family and the government is not the major contributor for that. She herself is planting food and raising poultry and livestock so she doesn't have to be dependent on anyone and instead will be useful to others, and her plants and fruit-bearing trees help with cleaning the air and beautifying the environment and everyday she wakes up early and make herself busy.

Most Pinoys are just too lazy to save themselves from the rot they are in or put themselves in. The more unproductive and unthinking people we have, the more the Trapos and Philippine media will play them for a puppet. People who see their worth won't allow themselves to be exploited and will make those who wanted to exploit them pay. But then again the Phil media and our government already have a collection of people to keep their hold on power, to keep the rotten system they control going. Unless poverty is addressed in a right way, it would continue to breed poverty the reason for more children in a poor family, more people not getting good education, more parents working as helper abroad, more people relying on government dole-outs, more people escaping their poor situation with the offers of entertainment by Philippine media, more burden by tax from the better earning Filipinos, and more selfish leaders and oligarchs taking advantage of them all. And the cycle goes on.

Walang delikadeza ang oligarkiya at mga Trapo is a known fact. Each individual should help themselves and rising from poverty and lack of education, they could collectively put those awful leaders in their right places. Dependency on the government and selfish affluent people is what's hurting the people more.

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