Suckers for 'royal' #DongYanWedding in the #Philippines huge PR bonanza for GMA Network!

The wedding is a PR blitz for GMA7 since it was GMA who tagged it as a "royal wedding". The choice of location for the church and reception, both of which are very accesible to the 'masa' crowd, also gave away the affair as a blitz. Just look at the full coverage the TV network gave it.

But, I am dumfounded by all the angry comments directed at [the author]. We really have a big sector of the population that are dumb suckers of media affairs, and it is a sad statement of the state of PHL. If indeed it was to be an imitation of the royal weddings in Europe, then it was supposed to project enough extravagance balanced with how much profit the affair could generate. So, far from being a dream wedding, it was a money making event. If it was a dream wedding, it would have been more private than what it was (say, like George Clooney's)

No, even if you belong to the top 1% of the population, it is always a result of poor judgement if you flaunt your wealth. Just check the bad press Paris Hilton, Tiger Woods, Oprah.. etc get when they do so. And that is why the wealthy in Europe and the US shun the press when they want to splurge. I know for a fact that in Singapore and South Korea, you cannot buy a second car, or a second house, even if you could afford it, without being tax heavily. In Korea, a 2nd house or car, means 200% tax of the purchase value; a 3rd one, 300%, and so on.

In the PHL, we are talking of a Third World situation, and we want the wealthy to flaunt their wealth? If that is the case, then we have a population that all need to be mental wards. Oh my gosh, what distorted sense of values. (And I blame ABS-CBN and GMA for this. In their ratings war, they don't care what psychological damage they are inflicting on their audience.)

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  1. As if that the they are very intelligent, a very influential icon ; I am talking about Dingdong and Maryan. Mga bobo naman.

    1. how about you? are you intelligent? influential?...utak talangka makapag comment lng...

  2. "Our Media has a social responsibility to make Philippines/World a better place by seeking TRUTH / JUSTICE, promoting/influence an intellect society and leave a positive impact on our people. And not just pursue profit from politicians or news maker at the expense of making our people dumb or brainwashed."

  3. Bakit nga ba kailangan tawagin na ROYAL WEDDING..? anong meron s kanila ang wala ang iba..?

  4. yan ang mentality ng elitistang mga pinoy na kahit sinong masagasaan eh ipipilit yung gusto nila basta kaya nila. anong bang paki-alam ng mga bobong masang pinoy kung mahirapan sila sa ka-trapikan dahil sa kasalang ito? eh sa mapera at mayayaman at maimpluwensya yung mga ikakasal kaya pasensya na lang kayong mga bobong mahihirap na masa. maglaway na lang kayo at kahit anong mangyari eh hindi nyo malalasap ang ganyang karangyaan. IN YOUR DREAMS MGA BOBONG MASANG PINOY!!!

  5. grabe tong ngsusulat s blog n to puro nega... masaya k bng manira s ibang tao. dahan dahan ka baka bumalik sau pinag gagagwa mo...u know the wors "karma".gumawa k kya ng post kng pano makatulong s kababayan ntin ndipuro paninira.bka nga fans kp ni dongyan lagi kng updated...interested din... gawa k nga ng mas makabuluhang blog...DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT OTHERS TO DO UNTO YOU


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